Welcome to the most useful new site for farmers



This site was set up so that New Zealand Farmers could have a place that they could find (and submit) Apps that are relevant for farmers.

This site isnt as flashy as some around but has been designed to be simple and easy to use. If you have any feedback or even any general questions please email to webmaster@farmingapps.co.nz


We have broken the apps up into 4 Categories

Farm Suppliers, List Keeping, Measurement and Weather. 


Collecting these apps is an on going project so please feel free to submit any apps we might have over looked and check back regularly to see what we have added.




   5/5     –  Perfection.  This rating means that the application runs perfectly on every tested device and   is useful to everyone. Almost impossible to achieve.


  4/5     –  Very Good. This rating means that the application runs with few or no problems on tested devices and is reliable and useful in many real world scenarios


  3/5     –  Useful. This rating means that the application may have possible issues on tested devices or may have specific/limited uses. Still useful to have on your phone for but not used by most people regularly.


  2/5     – Not useful to most people. This app has issues/bugs on tested devices or gives very specific information. Only useful on certain devices or to people with specific needs.


 1/5     –  Your call……..


We Have endeavoured to give the most accurate ratings whenever possible for apps. Usually the ratings are our own opinion, often from short term usage but in real world situations but when not possible can be taken from the Google or Apple stores. These ratings are an indication only and may not be relevant to your situation and might not take into account missing features or bugs on your device.